Re: how does one block a sender in outlook 16

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Ok, trying to block someone using Outlook? Here's what I do:

1. Without opening the particular offending individual's message, press
<Alt-A>; this launches the Actions Menu. If the irrelevant message has been
opened, just press <escape> to close it before invoking the <Alt-A>
2. Press "J" without the quotes of course. You get the message: "Add
Sender to Block Sender's List?" Whack <enter> and it's all done.
3. The "Junk Mail" folder can become overtly too large. Never forget to
PURGE IT now and then to keep it clean. Purging it WILL NOT UNBLOCK any
offender like me who's been blocked, <LOL!>

I use Outlook2007, but I would suspect that the above still works even in
the newest and greatest versions of Outlook. I'd be interested in knowing
if the above WILL NOT work in Outlook2010, 2013, and beyond; that way I can
correct my assumptions.

Now go make the best of 2018, helping me and others use our toys better each

Denver, Colorado

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