Re: Need a booster tutorial for the Kindle Fire HD 8"


Tjoin a good list for blind or vision impaired Kindle fire tablet
owners, visit and if that
doesn't work for you try sending an email message to and put the word subscribe in the
subject line.

There are some very helpful people on that list all about the Kindle tablets.


On 1/6/18, Steve Matzura <> wrote:
In my quest to make 2018 the year where I reacquaint myself with
technology I obtained and acquired in the previous year, I have once
again picked up my fine Kindle Fire HD 8-inch tablet with VoiceView. I
don't have any trouble about using VoiceView, but I have forgotten
practically everything I ever learned about using some of the Kindle
applications. For example, why does it constantly ask me "Did you just
sign in?" every time I turn it on?

I opened "Newsstand" and thought I would see what I could read that was
current. I read the banner that told me I could read thousands of mags
and books with my Prime membership, I found a search box into which I
could type a search query, but that's about it. I thought there was a
way to browse lists, or something similar.

I really need training on this thing! I feel pretty dumb for having left
it for six months and then came to the startling and annoying
realization that I'd forgotten nearly everything I ever knew about it.
Guess that's what happens when you concentrate on other things. (LOL).
But it must really want me to be using it, for when I turned it on after
not having touched it for over half a year, the battery was still 75%

Any help, public or private, greatly appreciated.

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