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a correction: avast free version includes web shield.

On 10/31/2015 7:05 AM, Thomas N. Chan wrote:
Sad to say, it's the trend of things, giving away their or part of their
solution to lure you into their full suite.
Avast, avera, avg free edition all comes with antivirus solution but the
full suite of antivirus comes with more, like avast comes with web shield
protection which the free one don't.
Panda antivirus have its own fre edition call cloud antivirus, and comodo
have its own too.

Who say we must depend on review? I only depend on facts of things.
Trendmacro have its own bad record and it does not have free solution as far
as I know. And how all those source code of Symantec was release out to the
world for people to see and they also don't have free solution.

The reason being free antivirus was out there is so that its widely
installed on computers, so that their program or engine can send those
unknown mellicious code back to the lab which in the end benefit the paid
and the free ones. It's a win win solution.

Thomas N. Chan
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In my opinion (and I've used a good many AV programs over the years),
there's none better than NOD32 by Eset. It's not free, but as a matter of
principle, I will not use free AV software regardless of how well it may be
recommended because I don't believe that a vendor that's giving their
program away has the same degree of skin in the game as a vendor who has to
produce a good product and generate revenue or go out of business. You can
get information about NOD32 for Windows at:

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I am in need of a good anti virus software
Any ideas

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