Placing books on a Kindle

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  This question is on behalf of a sighted friend.  I know nothing about kindles, I don’t even know if I’ve spelt it correctly so the solution to my friends problem might be obvious to kindle users but not to me, a non Kindle user.


My Friend has the old style Kindle, she has had it for just over 6 years.  The other day it died the death and all that shows is the Kindle Logo.  Regardless of what she does she can’t get it to work so she is going to junk it and get another, perhaps!


The problem she has is her daughter has the latest kindle and has told my friend that you can’t put non Kindle eBooks on the device.  Anne has a number of mobi files she can put onto her current Kindle, well she did before it died.  So! My question is;  Is it so that you can no longer place mobi files onto the new Kindles.  If this is not the case, which models allow you to do so and how do you do it?


She is contemplating getting a tablet but I’m not sure if you can get the same navigability on a tablet as you do with a Kindle and what about bookmarks?  Are there apps to help one keep their place within an eBook on a tablet.  One benefit of a tablet (not an iPad) is you can copy and paste files on to the device.  Any help is welcome.  Thanks.  Walter.


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