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Try notepad? Rename the extention to txt, and try. This, for me, I'm able to read almost anything this way.

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Subject: [TechTalk] unusual file extension

Hi all. I have a number of old files on my computer and I've just
re-discovered them after a few years. The problem is, I can't open them.
The file extension is.vmg and this is an old Nokia text message format.
Does anybody know how I can open these files, at least long enough to try
and save them as text files? I really don't want to purchase any software
if I can avoid it because I don't know if what's in these files would
warrant spending a lot of money on it and in any case, If I managed to save
the files as text files then I could delete the originals and then the
software would become redundant. Is there an on line service that will open
them and allow me to at least read them. With thanks. Walter.

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From: Carolyn Arnold []
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] using Jaws 15 how to stop it from saying block quote

What is this about HTML. Mine is set on plain text.

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] using Jaws 15 how to stop it from saying block quote

When you are in a message body, open quick settings with JAWS key v. Look
down the settings, and change what you want to change. When you find
something you want to change, such as block quotes, use the space bar to
move through the available settings. You may repeat the settings as often
as you want by continuing to press the space bar. Once you have changed
whatever settings you want to change for as many items as you wish, press
enter to save the changes and return you to the program window you were
previously in.

Your home computer may not be indicating bloc quotes because you are not
reading mail as html at home. On your friends computer, messages are being
read as html and you are in the virtual pc cursor.

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Subject: [TechTalk] using Jaws 15 how to stop it from saying block quote

I have a second Jaws question. On the computer I'm using Jaws is saying
block quote, and the person who helped me set mine up on my own computers
set it to not say this. I thought it might be in graphics or attributes but
not having luck getting rid of it. I hope someone can help.


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