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Gerald Levy

You would be better off having a Spectrum technician install the modem/router for you. It may not be as simple as it seems. It took the technician who installed my Spectrum modem/router about 45 minutes to set it up and configure it. Don't forget that installing a modem/router may also involve installing additional coaxial cable in your home, which you should certainly never attempt on your own because it requires special tools and may involve splicing into the main cable line.


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From: Troy Burnham
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Subject: [TechTalk] Configuring Spectrum's wireless routers

Hi all,

In a couple of weeks I will be needing to set up a wireless router from the Spectrum cable company and I was wondering if this is something I'll be able to do myself with relative ease or if I'll do better asking for a technician to come do it for me. I'll need to do everything from activating it if that's needed, to making it work with my laptop which I plan to hardwire to the router, then I'll need to get one other laptop connected wirelessly and secure the router with a password.

If anybody has done all of this and can tell me what I'll need to do I'd appreciate it.


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