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Do you have to set up anything before using the dictation feature?. I am running Win 10 latest on a laptop with the built in mic.
When I press the windows key plus H, nothing happens?

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The voice recognigtion is not the same as dictation. If you want to
dictate, as was mentioned, press Windows plus h. If you want to record
your voice with the voice recognition program, press the Windows key.
You can type voice recorder or tab to your list of apps and press the
letter v. If it is the first choice, down arrow until you find it.

On 1/14/18, Allen West <> wrote:
Hi Jeff,

I have tested to voice recognition app that comes with Windows 10,
starting with version 1709. I find it to be good enough to not need to
spend money on Drgon Naturally Speaking.


On 1/14/18, Victor <> wrote:
Hi Jeff:

I own an iPad mini 2 and an iPhone 7 Plus. I have also used an iPad Pro.
of which are very accessible and the dictation feature is quite user
friendly and very accurate. You just have to speak slowly and clearly.
more you use it, the better it gets because it learns your voice and your
inflection. I think it also learns your pronunciation. Plus, Apple
everything quite often. In fact, I am dictating this through the
app on my phone.

According to some, the iPad is the most accessible piece of technology
available to the Blind today. I’m sure some on this list my debate that,
I happen to agree with that particular opinion. Therefore, I recommend
getting an iPad. You can explore different keyboards and decide which one
works best for you. There are small ones and larger ones. They come in


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On Jan 14, 2018, at 10:36 AM, Jeffrey Schwartz
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Michelle has severe RP and uses the I phone I don't want to spend that
kind of money and spoke with an Apple person in Kentucky. I was
of an I pad mini, but she pointed out that unless I need a lot of
space, I can get a larger I pad for 325 as opposed to the mini which is
about four hundred dollars. One thing that concerns me is typing. They
offer a keyboard but it is small and with my dexterity problems
deal with it. She went on to say that I could dictate my messages.
Anyone have any experience with this function. The pc equivalent has
dragon which must learn your voice by dictating sentences which you test
for accuracy and correct errors. The number and variety of apps is
astounding. For example, one can get a scanner WITH OCR as a freeapp
App. Once I get familiar with Windows ten I am considering getting an
pad to expand my horizons and as a cognitive adventure which may be the
computer of the future. Guess that future is here for many of you.
Would be grateful for any and all input.

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