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I have a friend that purchased the Executive case for her Victor. The stitching that held the magnetic closures in place came undone and the magnets fell out and were lost.


I was disappointed in Executive’s case for my new Braille Sense. Because the holes don’t match up well, I have to remove the machine from the case for charging in order to prevent extra wear on the charger. The flaps on the side don’t fasten shut but stay shut through rigidity. It makes it annoying to work with at this point, and over time, they will likely become loose and lose some of their protectivity. The most annoying thing is that the case is the only one available and it is a mere $100.





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Also, when solving a problem, without specific information about what someone has already done to try to solve it, you can't assume what they have done.  At times, I explain, when asking a question, that I'm asking because I don't want to miss a possible solution by assuming what a person has done and that it doesn't reflect on their knowledge or what they have done.  I'm asking because I don't know these things.  I then ask what might be considered an obvious question by some people.  But if the person doesn't state what has already been tried, how am I supposed to know?  Even genearlly knowledgeable people may miss something that might be considered simple and obvious at times. 


When answering questions, I don't assume what anyone has done.  If they haven't stated what they did, I don't know.


I often see exchanges on various e-mail lists where people say they have a problem but don't explain anything they have done to solve it.  Then, when people suggest things, the person responds that he/she already tried the suggestion.  Both time and unnecessary back and forth would be reduced if people would state the problem and say everything they have done to try to solve it.



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Hi Evan,

Hmmm, well, one starts solving a problem by looking at the simplest
solutions and moving on.  Somebody wrote here or was it on the Stream
list, that they had a similar problem.  Turned out that the poster had
indeed put the stream into the case the wrong way.   Executive Products
don't seem to ever send instructions about this stuff.  They just
assume, you know what happens to people who do that, a buyer is going
to know how to insert his/her machine into the case.  As the old song
says, "It ain't necessarily so..."

I'm wondering if Executive Products might have sent you the wrong case?
I suppose you've thought of this?  The Book Sense and the Braille Sense
sound and may appear to be similar in writing, might they have sent the
wrong thing?  Usually those cases are well made and all the holes for
the various ports are visible.   You might want to check with them.

Hope you get it sorted OK.  Send the blessed thing back if it isn't
right.  Happy MLK Day.

Ann P.

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