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Is there a list that is for Google Home family of products?

Many sincere thanks! Vicky

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Hay thought I would give my two cents on the mini.

I like the price of the google mini at 30 dollars, give or take a few cents

I like the smallness of the device smaller than my hand. It sounds good for
that size speaker.

It will not nock your socks off but, it is good for easy listening.

It also responds to your voice at several feet away. And it will do
everything that the home does.

However, I find it seems to respond more quickly than my home does, not sure
why, could just be a fluke.

it can operate off a usb so you can connect to an usb hub and not have to
plug it in to an ac outlet; looks great on your night stand.


They do not have tactile indicators on the sides to let you know where to
turn the volume up or down; may sound stuipid but, I would have like some
tactile arrows to indicate that is where you have to touch to raise and
lower the volume. Why not just have the speaker turn to go up or down. I
have several speakers that operat in this fashion and that is how the echo
is too if I remember correctly.

Why does it not come with a battery pack so one can take it with them .
Although, you can connect it to a external battery if one wanted to take it
with them.


I think the google mini is a good price it uses the google assistant and you
can save on space in various colors too. It is even smaller than your
iPhone or ipod 4gen. But if your looking to impress the guys with a jamm
fest wait for the max but, it will cost you way more at the bank.


I choose the google mini as it was a good space saver on my night stand and
it was more portable than the home. It was also less expensive too.

Cheers Heather

Heather Albright
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