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chris judge

I thought you just slid your finger around in a counter-clockwise manner to reduce volume.


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But if the audio is over powering the speaker, she will not respond to voice commands for example, listening to a ball game and she was not able to respond to my voice unless I screamed at her to stop! I wonder if I can put tactile markings on the two sides as you have to touch a certain spot to ajust the volume level. It must be close to the switch on the side because, she will start playing the last thing if I bump the side while muting her! Heather  


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Of the Google Home Mini, Heather wrote in part:



They do not have tactile indicators on the sides to let you know where to

turn the volume up or down; may sound stuipid but, I would have like some

tactile arrows to indicate that is where you have to touch to raise  and

lower the volume." 


Actually, sis, your observation is NOT stupid!  However, since I want to be

THE LAZY BUM, I enjoy being able to raise the volume of the Google Home Mini

by issuing a voice command.  Example:  "Hey (or OK) Google, "Volume up

xxxx%, where xxx equals 10% or more"" and it responds accordingly.  Lower

the volume, no problems:  I just issue a voice command reversing my previous



Also, if you keep squeezing it on the right side, the volume does increase.

It does for me anyway.  Squeeze on the left and the volume decreases.

That's too much work for me especially if I'm not squeezing at the right

spot; so, the voice commands will do!!




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