Understanding Discs for OsS Installation

Joe Orozco


I have a computer with two internal hard drives, my primary Drive C
and a secondary backup drive, on which I want to install Windows 10.
I’m installing from a thumb drive. As you know, when you go to install
a new operating system, you’re asked to pick between Disk 0, Disk 1,


1. I want to delete the data on my primary hard drive. How can I make
sure that my Drive C is completely overwritten by the new operating

2. How can I distinguish between the multiple disks my computer will
display? I want to make sure I’m installing to Drive C and not my
backup drive. I’m having someone sighted help me boot from a device.
Hence, I’ll have no speech and want to be as clear as I can with them
so that the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Thanks all for any tips.



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