Re: wanting cCleaner to stop update checks

Mike B. <mb69mach1@...>

Hi David,
The easiest way to stop the updating is to turn it off when you install an update.  When you run the update executable tab to the, Customize, button, & spacebar it to open the settings options.  I run Jaws so this is the screenreading program I will be referring to.  Now tab, & you will tab through various settings options like putting an icon on the desktop, installing something to the start folder, a couple of items of showing CCleaner in the Recycle Bin context menu....etc.
Well, in here all these buttons are on by default, so pressing the spacebar on any of them will turn that particular option off.  In these options is where the automatic update checking option is at.  When you find it, press the spacebar to turn it off, now tab to the install button & press enter to start the update.
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I was going to write I want cCleaner to shut up about updates, but I
thought to keep the subject clean.

I have updated my win10 machine with cCleaner latest v5.39 at time of
writing. I am trying to get it to stop checking for updates, because
when it does it puts up a nonspeaking dialog box that I only find when
doing screen review on another app. This is extremely irritating.

I am not sure how to interact with the buttons, the preference options
use to be check boxes where if you didn't want cCleaner to check for
updates it wouldn't just uncheck the box. Now they are buttons and
they do not appear to do anything.

Any help appreciated.


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