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However, it is important to discuss f6 in detail for context and completeness and because it is important to know what it does in general. 
It is standard to get to the address bar with f6 as in Internet Explorer. 
I don't know if alt d is as standardized a command.  but the importance of knowing about f6 is that it is a Windows command and it is important in other contexts.  It moves you from one part of a screen to another, such as from the main window of a program to various sections of a window that may contain tool bars or other items.  In the case of browsers, it moves you to different parts of the browser window such as the address bar.  In Thunderbird, it moves you to different parts of that window.  If a program has a window divided into what are referred to as panes, f6 moves from pane to pane.  In Windows Live Mail,it moves through a lot of panes, many of which you might not be aware of otherwise. 
If someone speaqks of a window being divided into two sections, as in the old help systems, with a list of topics on the left and the contents to be read regarding the selected topic on the right, f6 will likely move you from pane to pane. 
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Press alt-d then control-c to copy the URL to your clipboard.

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Hello list
I want to block some sites with the setting in google chrome. How do I find the url when a webpage pops up?

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