Re: Ink Cartridges for printers?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Sharon H wrote in part:

"Okay, so if I buy a wireless printer, how much does it cost to buy refills
of ink or whatever it uses?"

Hmm, Sharon, unless you are interested in CUTTING AND PUTTING AWAY cables,
it is not necessary for you to have a wireless printer. Besides, it's been
a long, long time since I saw wireless printers that do PRINTING ONLY!
These days, they bring along many other cousins: Fax, Copier, Scanner!

As for the price of their inks, wouldn't that depend on which brand and type
you purchase? InkJet? Monochrome Laser? Color Laser? and the list goes

It may be a wise idea to perform a random price check on various wireless
printers on the Internet; as you pick and evaluate them, do a price check on
their inks as well. The likes of,, and should be good sources worth looking at.

Denver, Colorado

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