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Hi Donald,
I don't have a fix for you, but Yahoo totally shut down / took away 1 of my email addresses for the exact same reason, & I never got it back.  After they shut it down they sent me an email with a phone number to call, & after being escalated up a couple of idiots, my only choice was to call some company they recommended, pay this company $175.00 to restore my email address, & then everything would supposedly be okie dokie.  I told the dude to pound sand, & switched that email account to,  If you or anyone is thinking that I got spammed, you're all wrong, this was Yahoo for damn sure.  This was back before they got hacked really bad, but after that fiasco I'll never have anything to do with Yahoo as long as I can help it.  I wasn't the only person this happened to, but in all fairness, I haven't heard of it happening to anyone else since that short period of time where it happened to many people.
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I am so frustrated with Yahoo mail that I don't know where to begin.
Perhaps three weeks or so ago, I was locked out of a Yahoo mail account .  Whenever I attempted to log in, I would receive a message stating that for security reasons, less secure email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird were precluded from retrieving mail.  That is the substance of the message though not verbatim.  I was then sent a code to use to log in to the web account via an alternative email address.  But when I entered the code, the screen reader couldn't read the popup as to what to do with the code which had been sent. 
Ultimately I got my sighted grand daughter to get me logged into the webmail account however I despise reading email on the web and am hopeful that there is some Yahoo mail setting which will relax the restriction on older email clients.  Incidentally, I had a similar problem with an A T and T email account where I subsequently found a mechanism to relax that restriction.
So the bottom line is if anyone knows of a Yahoo setting to change this behavior, please reply to this message and let me know.
Thanks in advance.
Don Roberts

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