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To keep re-installing my mail client each time ms wants to update is not the way I prefer to spend my computing time.  Do you remember: before we had this constant need to always be updating our systems, we could run any software we wished; be it microsoft, third party, pirated, or even our own creations?  The provider of the operating system didn't come along and tell us what software we were allowed.

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Have the installers and back up them


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I have only used OE6 on my win10 machine.  Of course, it was a hack of the OE we used in winXP.  I allowed MS to update the system twice, and twice it wiped out OE and all my mail.  So I've gotten afraid to use any programs that aren't offerred by MS--my big brother.  So far my Winamp has been allowed to stay.  I do fear for other non-microsoft apps that I've enjoyed for years.

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I tend to enjoy checking out pros and cons of various email clients.  I have followed this discussion of Outlook Express.  So when people have comments or problems, I certainly wish they would make clear which of the versions of Outlook Express they are using. 


Frankly, I wish it were possible for someone to do an A B comparison.  What are the pros and cons of each/


When the free O E 6 program came out, I installed it on my Windows 10 system although it was an early version of Windows 10.  Ultimately the program was completely wiped out by a Windows 10 upgrade.  Prior to the upgrade, O E 6 had worked well.  After the upgrade, I installed a later version of the program which worked very poorly.  Don't know if it was the program or the Windows 10 upgrade. 


I am now running Windows 10 version 1709 and have installed the free OE_6.1.5.1.  This thing is working exceedingly well, so I would like to know what if any advantage there is to changing to the proprietary program.  I know they call it a donation, but if the donation is mandatory, the program is proprietary.


Lastly, I am a bit concerned that the next major upgrade to Windows may wipe out the program again.


I look forward to any comments or observations or answers to the questions I raised.


Don Roberts


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