win10 update crash

David Mehler


I've got a machine well it's an owner of same that is driving me insane.

It's a win10 1607 box that is failing it's 1709 update. The machine
using update assistant successfully downloads, verifies, and begins
installation. On the first reboot installation continues, then stops
at between 20 and 25% changes are reverted and the amachine reboots
back in to win10.

The update obviously fails. It is now to the point where the update
comes daily and is not stopped, this is one reason why I don't like
the new win10 update plan if there's an issue you face it repeatedly
and can not defer.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

This machine is not running out of storage space, has a 1 tb drive.

It's running a UEFI setup, so booting by thumb drive is not doable.
Unless someone knows if a gigabyte motherboard ga-990fx has a boot
menu and where the usb option is.

I'd appreciate any help, some urgency!


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