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Robin Frost

I'm no expert but a difficulty with internet connection with your pc if indeed that is what you had wouldn't have impacted your iPhone's ability to send or receive calls unless perhaps wi-fi calling might have been enabled or if AT&T if indeed they are your carrier for both internet and phone was perhaps down in your area due to maintenance weather or something. I don't think we can be certain but since you indeed still had speech and it let you close out of system restore I'd go with the process not only didn't complete but hadn't even fully engaged and started for had it done so you'd lose speech soon after and unless recovering from something really catastrophic it doesn't usually take an hour. Again perhaps I'm wrong but that would be my thoughts based on that which you offered to us in your message. If this should happen again on your iPhone you could always go under settings wi-fi and temporarily toggle wi-fi off I do that often here during outages and the phone seems to respond better until wi-fi comes back into service.
take good care.

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Hi Everyone,
I lost all internet connection last night for some unknown reason. When I opened IE, I got a message saying this web page can't be displayed, so I read a little further down, and seen a message saying no internet connection. I also noticed I wasn't getting any in coming or outgoing emails. I also noticed I couldn't use my Magic Jack phone, but this I understand, without internet connection I also lose my Magic Jack phone, but I also lost service on my iPhone, meaning I couldn't use my iPhone to make a call, this one has me baffled! I went in to the search field and network system, and I had the computer to check for internet connections and other problems. I then got a response saying: Issues found
The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the Internet is brokenThe connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the Internet is broken
The network gateway is accessible, but Windows couldn't receive network traffic from the Internet. Detected Detected
I also got a message saying I should first restart the modom by pressing the button on the modom, and if that doesn't work I should unplug the modom, and wait for 10 seconds, and plug it back in, and if that doesn't work, I should call my ISP. I did try both of these methods, but still no internet connection. Well, this was late at night, so I couldn't call my ISP which is ATT, and I was just to tired to have to deal with MS. Well, being as curious as I am, I thought of system restore, so I started the system restore on my computer, and after an hour of waiting for that to complete, I pressed alt plus f4, and I got a message asking me if I really want to stop the system restore because it wasn't finished restoring, and I agreed to stop it because I was just to tired and wanted to go to sleep, and that I did. I got up this morning, and the internet conection is fine! LOL! My questions are how can I find out if the computer did restore or not?
Why would I lose service on my iPhone?
That's a pretty scarey thing being without internet service and phone service! I want to be for sure this doesn't happen again.
The only thing I did different was I did download some updates from MS earlier that same day. Not sure if that had anything to do with it, and I also noticed JAWS got extremely sluggish just if I opened IE or went in to Outlook.
I am running Windows 7/home, 64 bit, IE 11, JAWS 2018, Outlook 2010.
Any thoughts, I would appreciate some!


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