Backing up and restoring registry settings

Donald L. Roberts

These questions actually pertain to the Outlook Express discussion.  I am running OE_6.1.5.1 on Windows 10 version 1709.  A previous instillation got wiped out by a windows upgrade, and I am attempting to preclude that from occurring again.
First of all, please tell me how to back up the registry.  Then after a windows upgrade, if it is necessary to do so, how do I restore the registry from the backup?
The last question is, how do I locate that lengthy path to the DBX folders?  Actually, I am more concerned about the rules and the folders than I am about messages because I save almost none.  The messages I choose to save are saved elsewhere as text messages.  I have fourteen rules, fourteen folders and four email addresses, so I want to avoid reinstallation at all costs.
Thanks for feedback.
Don Roberts

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