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Hi Stacy,
Below are 3 ways of disabling or enabling the Smart Screen fildter in IE11:
1. Open Internet Explorer, & press, Alt + T, to open Tools.
2. Arrow down to. Smart Screen Filter submenu, & right arrow to open.
3. Arrow down to, Smart Screen Filter..., & press enter.
4. Make sure the, Turn off smart screen filter, radio button is selected.
5. Tab to, Okay, & press enter.
From: Carlos
SmartScreen Filter is not third-party software.  It is a feature built-in to
Internet Explorer.  It's purpose is to warn you about and block websites and
downloads considered to be unsafe, but like any security feature it is not
100 percent accurate.  It can be disabled, but you should probably only do
so if it has been consistently intrusive.
To disable SmartScreen Filter do the following:
1. In Internet Explorer, open the
menu and select
"Internet options"
2. Navigate to the
3. Select the
"Custom level..."
4. When the
"Security Settings"
dialog opens, press the letter U until you find
"Use SmartScreen Filter"
in the treeview.
5. Arrow down to
and press the Spacebar to select it.
6. Select the
button to close the
"Security Settings"
dialog and save the changes.
7. You will receive a warning dialog asking if you are sure you want to
change the settings for this zone.  Select the
8. Select the
button to exit the
"Internet options"
  From: Matt
  Well, there is an easier way just go to the tools menu and down to smart
filter and then arrow over to turn smart filter off. Also when you get this
message you have a choice by doing Alt plus the N key to get to the options
of what you can do and one of the choice is to allow this once or continue
with the download or whatever.
   But I would be very careful and make sure it is as safe as possible
before proceeding. Also if you don't run yourself as Admin then this helps
as well then it cannot install nothing without the permission of the admin
account. I hardly ever if ever run myself as admin. I have Admin account but
I run myself in another account as a standard user. JST
Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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so, I am trying to install a programme on my computer (it's to help
access my journal)

usually, when I go to to install a programme, I go to run as
administrator, and it's fine

however, with this programme, when I go to run as administrator, smart
screen comes up and I am given some information- and then the option, "
don't run", but no option to run it

so a few questions:.

1. is it doing that because the file isn't what it says it is, and their
for I should probably weary of it?

and 2, how do I pass that smart screen thing. can I turn it off.


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