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Open properties for the file.  Tab until you get to an unblock button.  Press the space bar.  Then activate the ok button.  There is a good chance that will solve the problem.  Windows blocks files from the Internet at times.

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From: stacy west
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Subject: [TechTalk] smart screen


so, I am trying to install a programme on my computer (it's to help
access my journal)

usually, when I go to to install a programme, I go to run as
administrator, and it's fine

however, with this programme, when I go to run as administrator, smart
screen comes up and I am given  some information- and then the option, "
don't run", but no option to run it

so a few questions:.

1. is it doing that because the file isn't what it says it is, and their
for I should probably weary of it?

and 2, how do I pass that smart screen thing. can I turn it off.


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