Re: An Email Address Question Please?

Robin Frost

Perhaps not if it's still considered valid by whomever provided it and if your box isn't full.
You don't say whether you had it through an internet service provider or if it was a free email from a service like hotmail yahoo or gmail or the like. If the former and you're no longer a customer then yes in theory the address should have been suspended or outright killed after the grace period which they wait to be sure you've not changed your mind has expired. If it's from one of the other services just because you don't use it anymore doesn't alert them that it's dead or should be.

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Hi Everyone,
I got a new IMAP email address last year, but some people who didn't know I had a new email address have been still sending messages to the old pop3 email address. My question is: because I don't have that particular pop3 address anymore, shouldn't the people who were sending messages to that old account received some kind of message stating invalid email address? Even if I send a message to my old email, I don't get a message saying invalid email address either.

Thank you in advance.

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