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In this case, I stop on the Jaws icon and then use the Windows + D keystroke to bring up the desktop. Windows 10 doesn't have the same functionality as earlier Windows versions, such as in Windows 8 and 8.1 where you could tell the computer to boot to the desktop via the Taskbar and Navigation feature in the Control Panel. In Windows 10, when you open the Taskbar and Navigation feature and click on the only link that seems viable for changing this setting, the Windows Settings opens. I have found no way to perform this action there. One might get the desktop sometimes when the computer boots up, but this does not always happen, and if it does, just one ALT + Tab keystroke takes it right away. I have found that the Windows + D keystroke does work from most applications.


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Hi Group,

Along these lines of inquiry, is there a way of including the desktop in the alt + Tab order in Windows Ten?  I don't see any way of doing that so far.

On 1/24/2018 10:14 AM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
I have to press Windows D most of the time, rarely ever get to Desktop. I think the greed for Edge is the imposition on me, since I have Internet Explorer as my browser. Mine stops at Edge, whenever I turn on the computer and enter password.



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Mike, I have Win 10 on several devices and they all boot up into the desktop. I am not sure what the problem might be but one suggestion is to go to the system tray, tab once and see if it says “show desktop”. That is the only thing I can think of but if this is not it, I would call Microsoft accessibility and they should be able to help. I have had great experience with them.

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Hi All,

Running Jaws 16 thru 2018 latest & Windows 10 Pro Creator latest. I've been searching the Internet & through 10's settings for a setting that I can use for Windows 10 to boot to the desktop when starting, & also how to put the desktop in the, Alt + Tab , order. Well, I haven't had any luck, & if anyone knows how to accomplish the above tasks', would you please be kind enough to share?! All help will be greatly appreciated, & gratefully accepted. Thanks much.
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