Re: SACD versus CD, can it play on my DVD player?


I unfortunately do not have access to the current SACD's that I own, but they are all in a standard DVD changer which has no difficulties with playing each of them successfully at all. There were no difficulties with any of them playing in any of the other standard DVD players that I put them in which is rather ironic based entirely on what it is that you are writing both this time and the time before.

I said all that to say this, I would like to grab one and place it in the DVD writer within this current machine and truly see what it does because I don't believe that I ever have. I don't honestly think that the DVD optical drive would have any difficulties with playing the SACD, but it very well may be the decoders that have difficulties with not being able to successfully play them which is all software based, but I will not have access to them for plenty of time to try.

It's certainly a good thing that I specifically worded it,
"Super Audio Compact Disks (SACD's) your DVD player should by all means be able to play with no problems."
Should being the operative word of course.

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Did you read my post yesterday? SA-CD's will most definitely not play on a
conventional computer DVD drive because this is a proprietary format
developed by Sony that was a commercial flop because it was not compatible
with existing CD players. This format should not be confused with
gold-plated CD's, which are merely conventional CD's coated with gold plate
that will play on any CD or DVD drive because they retain the conventional
CD format, although some audiophiles swear that they sound better than
regular CD's. When DVD players were introduced, other manufacturers
refused to pay Soney licensing fees to incorporate this format into their
players, and so by 2007, the SA-CD was basically dead, although they are
still around if you can find a player to play them on. What really killed
the SA-CD was the popularity of the IPod and other media players. Suddenly,
consumers preferred the convenience of downloading music directly from the
Internet despite its inferior sound quality to spending money on a format
whose sonic superiority was highly dubious, and in any case, required
expensive speakers or headphones to truly appreciate, which most mainstream
consumers were not willing to pay extra for. Besides, blue ray DVD's now
offer sound quality that rivals or exceeds that of SA-CD's. So before you
make erroneous claims, check your facts first.


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Super Audio Compact Disks (SACD's) your DVD player should by all means be
able to play with no problems.

When CD's are gold plated they are typically remastered and then gold plated
(I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule, but I have yet to see it) so
obviously yes, you will hear a difference. Same is true for remastered gold
plated vinyl and yes, you should be able to clearly hear a difference
between a standard CD versus a SACD, but having never ever heard anything
through your actual ears, I do not have a clue of what you will hear and
what you will not. Which is ironically true for each and every single one of

So going out and listening to them for yourself would be key, very similar
to food magically enough.

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Subject: [TechTalk] SACD versus CD, can it play on my DVD player?

I am thinking about purchasing some SACD's for my music collection but
am not sure if they would play on the DVD player on my Dell desktop.
Also, if you have experience with SACD's or gold plated CD's, can you
tell a difference in sound quality from a regular music CD recording?



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