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Marie <>

I am sure if you ask specific questions you will get answers unless no one knows how to help with a particular problem.
If I understand correctly, you are having trouble getting your installation of Jaws authorized. When in the authorization dialogs, first choose to activate via wifi and go to the next screen.
tab around until you find the text field to enter your authorization number, then go on to send the code to FS. If it is correct it should then activate the installation. It is really the same process as on all other versions of Windows.

From: Keith S
Sent: Friday, January 26, 2018 11:34 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] new windows 10 and jaws user favors

Greetings, I recently received a windows 10 laptop and for Christmas and have upgraded to JAWS from window eyes (version 2018 or 18 or whatever).

I have a couple of issues and do not want to sound like a newb, a clueless computer user, or a loser, but I need some serious help in learning how to use windows 10 in conjunction with jaws.

Are there any tutorials on the web, from companies, and/or from blind assistive foundations (if I need to purchase them I gladly will) to learn this stuff.

I started as a sighted computer user and worked my way through the windows 95, 98 SE, and Xp releases and as a blind person with windows xp and window eyes.

I have asked some questions on this list, and some have been answered (with my heartfelt thanks) and some have gone unanswered (probably because they are too simple for members to deal with).

My windows xp netbook has IE 6 on it (I think) and only a few websites are being displayed on that browser and when I install firefox it crashes every time I try to use it, so I will have to get actual websites to go to for tutorials if any exist, to pass on to my cousin so he can look them up on his computer and I can order them on his computer.

I have been able to install jaws on the windows 10 laptop, but I cannot access where I need to enter my wifi password to activate the jaws program with my owner's code as a first step.

Many thanks


The guy having to relearn everything over again.

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