Re: ID Mate: Quest Versus Summit

Eleni Vamvakari <elvam2167@...>

Why on Earth would you need so much memory? It's a bar code scanner,
not a computer. Yes, it can play mp3s and memos that you record, but
it's not a digital recorder either. In any case, I think the Quest
can take up to a 64gb card.

On 27/01/2018, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.
<> wrote:
Well, Ileni, I'm going by what EnVision America itself told me. Whereas I
could experiment, the high price of the adapted equipment that's supposed
make me more proficient is a reason why I haven't strayed too far afield.
Another silly thing with the Galaxy device: It only comes with a dismal
SD card! How silly and stupid can that be? In the mainstream, devices now
take up to 2GB SD card and they don't bug one down with format nonsense!
2TB SD cards are NOT HERE yet, but a new 512GB one will begin selling in
February. Currently, the max is a 400GB Class 10.

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