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Hi. Was having issues, and so did a windows reset, and so, had to get sighted help to install the audio driver. Now, my parent had a look at my bios. For some stupid reason, the keyboard function keys, got set to special keys, not f 1 to f 12. So will paste my model, the function key  has been removed by Toshiba. So, any way, my mom could not see the options, and only had setup, recovery, is change value f 5 / f 6, the keyboard option to change. Or do you know of any software, that can help me change my keyboard layout. And when I go to a site, jaws list links, does nothing, insert f 11 for time and f 12 for system tray, and also got this wireless display, and alt f 4 does not work, and also my wireless communications, goes off, have to keep turning off wifi all the time. So asking, any help, and also, any software, or do I need to update the bios, a new one, can do this in windows. And the wireless lanb driver as well, got the latest Toshiba system settings, for windows 10 64 bit pro. Or is there a way for a sighted person, to remote into my machine and use a bios utility, and get into my bios. Is that feesable. This is frustrating.


Ps: pasting the machine model, part and serial number below.

Any help.

Model Name     Satellite Pro C50-A

 Part Number    PSCGKA-00H004

 Serial Number  3E183366S utility


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