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I just checked the En-Vision America store, and the sd card is,
indeed, specially formatted to work with the Quest. i have no idea
why they did this. But does this mean that I can't remove it, insert
it into my computer, and copy the new database onto it, as I did with
my Omni? If this won't work, can I do this by using the computer's
usb connection and connecting to the Quest directly? They didn't say
that I had to use the wifi option to update it, and in any case, I
can't connect to either my home network or to my hotspot.

On 27/01/2018, Pamela Dominguez <> wrote:
Why couldn't you format it, then download the updates? Pam.

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Ileni wrote:

"What do you mean you can't format it? FAT is a regular format. Could you
not simply connect the card to a computer and format it as you would the
compact flash card for the Omni?"

I've never played with the Omni; but, if you want access to the
database/updates from EnVision America, doing your own SD card formatting
won't cut it, EnVision America MUST DO IT for you! For me, it's a silly
HANDHOLDING NONSENSE that keeps me farther and farther behind and makes it
nearly impossible to STAY ON THE CUTTING EDGE of technology alongside
sighted counterparts who just pick up stuff in the mainstream and go to
with it unperturbed.

I had purchased the Galaxy iDMate believing that I could deploy it in my
business as a barcode scanner for gathering and exporting a .CSV data to a
POS app and possibly using it when ringing up a customer at my store.
Yikes, sis, I'm out of luck and stuck with yet another adapted equipment
that holds less value for my desired uses compared to what obtains in the

I've found lots of handheld devices in the mainstream that will do what I
want; the only problem is that I can't install a screen reader in any of
them. So, right now, I am trying to research what Android can offer me in
this regard. Until I find something in Android land, I'll hold on to the
inferior toy and watch it gather some more dust on my shelf of antiquities!

Denver, Colorado

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