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Olusegun  and all,
See this article:
And this wide disparity in the number of users is after the latest holidays.  NFB announced its beta testing of the Alexa skill, nowhere near release at the time, last summer.  So consider how much greater the ratio of Echo users was to Google Home users at that time. 
And see this announcement in Blind Bargains from last summer.  You can see from how the announcement of the beta testing of the skill was worded by the Federation, that it was nowhere near completion at the time and still under very active development.
And to quote the portion that demonstrates this:
We are now seeking NFB-NEWSLINE users to beta test our NFB-NEWSLINE skill for the Amazon Echo. This is the first time the service interface is enabled through the spoken word. We will need to learn what works, what does not, and what innovations blind people will imagine through this new interface. Our future is only limited by our ability to imagine and build the solutions we seek."

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And that's called guilt by association.  You have no basis to conclude, you have no information from NFB, nor from any other credible source, indeed, not from any source, about whether such access is planned for the future or why it isn't.  The operating system used to run such devices is irrelevant.  Just because a certain operating system is used is not any indication of any sort of discrimination.  How much longer has the Echo been around?  Probably, far more blind people currently use it.  You have not provided any credible basis or evidence of discrimination and if you want to know what's going on instead of baseless speculations, contact Newsline and see what they say. 
Also, to this point, you haven't answered any points I've made and you persist in such speculations based on nothing.
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Sis Pam, not so much about calling the News Line on the phone; we're talking
about being able to access it using the Google Home line of products!  Sure
enough, these products run the Android OS as does the Echo with Amazon's

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