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Most any problem with any electronic device due to a liquid spill is going to show up immediately. You would already know it if any fatal damage was done. If you can remove the CD ROM drive and it is not enclosed, many are not, then a little alcohol, a rag and some cotton swabs will typically do the trick for you. This will probably help with the keyboard as well. If you cannot get the keys to come off of the keyboard, there is a tool available to do this which cost around $5. Spenting $10 - 15 on these items which you probably already have is much better than the cost of investing in a new computer. You can pick up a new CD/DVD ROM drive for anywhere between $20 to as muhch as you wish to spend. Some of these carry the name brands of the most popular electronics manufacturers.


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Thanks for the reply Anne, the brand of tea I drink isn't what makes it sweet but I sweeten it myself so there was sugar in what got spilled.

This computer is 4 or 5 years old so I've just decided to invest in a new one rather than trying to fix this one. As was mentioned liquid is bad for a computer, and I'm afraid that even if I changed out the cd drive on this computer that I may run into more problems in the future that haven't shown up yet.

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Was that what southerners call Swite Tye. If it was I think the sugar has probably mangled your laptop. Beverages and laptops do not mix well.

<smiling regretfully>
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