Re: OCR Scanner

Allen West

The Pearl is a dedicated camera for VFO software. Currently it only
works with OpenBook and JAWS 2018. I did not see the Sara on the VFO
website. I did find the iPal from ABISEE. Besides being lind, these
residents have developmental disabilities. We find OpenBook easy, but
for some finding and pressing a spacebar is a slight challenge. It
becomes a real challenge when they need to delte or reread a page.
That is why we are looking for a stand alone scanner that is very


On 2/4/18, Allen West <> wrote:
The agency has the Pearl already. The Pearl only works with OpenBook
or JAWS 2018. Some of the residents find usingn OpenBook to be too
complicated. We are looking for a OCR scanner where someone can place
a paper on top, close the lid and press a button and have it read.

2/4/18, Allen West <> wrote:
Hi All,

I work at a place that has a fair amount of blind residents that
cannot use smart phones or OpenBook. We are looking for a stand along
OCR scanner. Are they still made? If so, can someone tell me who sells

Thanks in Advance


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