Re: interacting with something called downward pointed triangles

Stan Bobbitt

Hi, I'm using JAWS 2018. I hit enter on the down pointing triangle then arrow down and there are links, buttons, etc. Almost like a combo box except it doesn't report it as such ... Btw, it seems the "down pointing triangle" inverts to an "up pointing triangle" after I hit enter on it.
Stan B

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Thanks. I've tried enter and the space bar, they are not reading. If it helps this is with jaws18. NVDA seems a little better, at least It sees them and can interact but once enabled I am not getting any feedback.

Any ideas?


On 2/3/18, Steve Matzura <> wrote:
Those most annoying objects are just what they say they are--triangle
graphics with the point pointing down. They act and work like combo
boxes. Try pressing the space bar on one, or if you can route the
screenreader cursor to it, you can click it, and the drop-down will,
ya know, drop down.

On 2/3/2018 9:24 AM, David Mehler wrote:

I'm on a web site where they are not using combo boxes but rather
something I have to click on and something called a black down
pointed triangle. I need to know how to access one of these, using
jaws18, to update the state in which I live in my account details.

Some urgency.


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