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Eleni Vamvakari

Do you remember the name of the machine, or is there any way to obtain
it? If possible, perhaps, you can search for the same type and find

On 05/02/2018, Allen West <> wrote:
Gene, It comes down to the number of buttons. The fewer the buttons
the easier it is for some. We had a machine donated by a former
employee that they found easy. But when he left, he took his machine
with him.


On 2/5/18, Allen West <> wrote:
The Pearl is a dedicated camera for VFO software. Currently it only
works with OpenBook and JAWS 2018. I did not see the Sara on the VFO
website. I did find the iPal from ABISEE. Besides being lind, these
residents have developmental disabilities. We find OpenBook easy, but
for some finding and pressing a spacebar is a slight challenge. It
becomes a real challenge when they need to delte or reread a page.
That is why we are looking for a stand alone scanner that is very


On 2/4/18, Allen West <> wrote:
The agency has the Pearl already. The Pearl only works with OpenBook
or JAWS 2018. Some of the residents find usingn OpenBook to be too
complicated. We are looking for a OCR scanner where someone can place
a paper on top, close the lid and press a button and have it read.

2/4/18, Allen West <> wrote:
Hi All,

I work at a place that has a fair amount of blind residents that
cannot use smart phones or OpenBook. We are looking for a stand along
OCR scanner. Are they still made? If so, can someone tell me who sells

Thanks in Advance


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