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I can echo that which Donna reports. The few snafus I've had with AT&T have resulted in me getting billing credits for my inconvenience. Service has never been a problem for me either.
I was also quite happy with t-Mobile when I was with them but that was pre-2009 and the only reason I left at that time was AT&T supported a phone I wanted to use and then when they got iPhone exclusivity in those early years I jumped on that accessibility band wagon and have remained with them ever since. Once a year O compare prices just to be informed but I haven't left yet.
Good luck with your choosing.

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I've been an AT&T customer for 20+ years. I have had nothing but positive experiences with store reps, customer service, & the tech department. I've had absolutely no problems with poor service areas or dropped calls. I've travel from the east coast to the west coast frequently by Amtrak & have cell phone service 90% of the time & the loss of service is during the time the train is going through mountainous regions.


Evening all,

Since we're discussing cell phones, I'm considering switching from Verizon to AT&T because I have been looking at a GSN phone that may meet my needs better than the phone I currently have. My problem is that I don't know anyone who is using AT&T right now. I have heard that about a year ago people were having trouble with dropped calls and bad coverage with AT&T, is this still the case? If somebody can let me know, that'd be great!

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