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As far as I knew there were two types of phones used nowadays smart
phones and feature phones sometimes referred to as dumb phones. If
there truly is a phone now that just allows for making phone calls and
nothing else then I see where the distinction might be made but
somehow I doubt that there are any phones out there that don't include
features that a totally blind person might not be able to get to.


On 2/10/18, Gene <> wrote:
It's possible, but I doubt it. Let's try to fined out. Will anyone who
read this message who wasn't following the other thread please let us know?

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From: Eleni Vamvakari
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Gene, you know that I respect your decisions regarding the list. But
I do think that creating a new subject made sense in this case, as not
everyone would have read a thread on a "smarter phone". This one was
specifically about a simple phone in general, and wasn't a direct
answer to the other thread.

On 10/02/2018, Jeffrey Schwartz <> wrote:
Thanks Gerald,

I only need a cell to call and receive calls. I offered it as a
for those who only have those needs. My emails, contacts and such I use
pc. I was not offering it as an alternative to smart phones. Out of the
house the jitterbug Meets my simple needs. I should never have mentioned
on this list.


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But some blind consumers only want a cell phone to make and receive
and for them, the Jitterbug may make sense because it has large, tactile
buttons. Plus, their customer support staff can place calls for you if
have difficulty doing it yourself.


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Jitterbug is not accessible for blind people. It doesn't have speech.
can make calls on it, evidently, but you can make calls on any or almost
cellular phone. If you want to be able to send and read texts, and use
other useful features you can get on a feature phone such as the alarm,
calendar, calculator, voice note taker, the MP3 player, and there may be
others, at least one or two that I haven't thought of, a simple,
inaccessible phone is not remotely satisfactory.


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Subject: [TechTalk] simple dumb phone

If anyone is interested a company called Great Call makes one called
jitterbug We use it when out for calling a cab and such. When the
go out, so does our phone. I want to know if it is just our home or an
area. We use the jitterbug to call neighbors to see if they have lights.
It cost about twenty dollars a month for virtually unlimited use.


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