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I love wordperfekt 5.1! There is nothing like it! I have never mastered Word the way I did that program! I also had bought some dos computer games I used to play. Pam.

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Jim literally loved the Tandy. He is a musician, and did he ever have a good time with that thing, which was BC - before Carolyn, that is.

I had three 386's on jobs with WordPerfect 5.1. Weren't they fine.

I taught myself WordPerfect with a book called Mastering WordPerfect, using my Optacon. I never really learned DOS, which is where my husband has it on me. I try to get him to explain basics to me, and he says I get it, there are certain tasks to be performed, like copy, paste, cut, save, set font, just have to learn to do those things on whatever program is being used. Yet, he knows stuff like our computer guys, can fix problems; I can't. I can just run one if it works. If it doesn't, I haven't the slightest idea. I think with DOS I was intimidated, stayed in WordPerfect whenever I could. On one job we had to get out of wordPerfect and onto a program called Letterman to upload our work to the client. I don't even want to go there; thank goodness, that job did not last long for me.

With WordPerfect 5.1, I really liked the macros, have no idea in the world how to do them with Office 2013, but I don't transcribe now like I used to do.

I took an afternoon on my job and set up logging macros with my accounts; there were three or four of them, each with slight differences. With the programs I made, when dictation started, I could enter the identifying information in the log, then go right on to chief complaint, preoperative diagnosis or whatever the beginning of the report would be. The name, age, date, etc would all be in. I worked on production, so the afternoon I invested paid off.

On this one, the envelopes never seemed to work right, so I have made programs for small ones and regular business-sized ones. Incidentally, I needed to Shift Enter for each line - otherwise, paragraph format, they're double spaced. I don't like that, but figured how to work around it, had to do the same thing with my check program.


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To those who have previously read my story, I apologise for reposting it. Please feel free to ignore it.

To put things into perspective, I was born in 1983. The first computer that I ever used was an Apple IIIE in elementary school. My peers played games like Number Munchers and the Oregon Trail while I played with Dr. Pete's Talking Writer and the few games on it, like Space Invaders. I still have the original, plus a newer one that I received later in life. One day, at a flee market, Mom bought an Apple IIC. She loved the clicky keyboard and kept playing with it in the car. She still has it in a closet, because she knows that it's valuable. Our first family computer that we really used was an old Tandy 1000 that a friend gave to us. We played games on it like Sleuth, Wheel of Fortune, Slots, Blackjack, Monopoly, and Treasure Mountain. But no screen reader was installed on it. In 1994, a dear friend of the family died, and we inherited her computer. It was a massive and heavy tower, with a 386 processor, MSDOS 5.0, and Wordperfect 5.1 installed. In 1996 or so, we bought our first Windows machine, an IBM Abtiva. But I wanted nothing to do with it, until we started playing games like Silent Steel on it, and I heard it talk! I was then introduced to JFW 3.7. Eventually, I became interested in the 386 and fought to learn DOS, though no one would teach it to me, as it was already obsolete. So I got DOS for Dummies from the New Jersey Library for the Blind and taught myself. I also learned how to use VocalEyes, via the manual. This lasted for a while, until one day, the computer simply stopped working. By the time I was graduated from high school in 2002, I had collected almost everything that the New Jersey Commission for the blind had on DOS, from two Keynote Gold laptops (I think the CMOS battery on each is malfunctioning now), to copies of VocalEyes, to various speech synthesizers, because no one wanted them. Knowing that I loved old computers, my high school gave me their Apple IIGS, along with a printer and paper for it, as a graduation present. I then bought TextTalker and Proterm from APH (they had only three of one of the programs left in stock). I still have them, but have never used them. My parents then bought two desktops (one exclusively for me) from an Infomercial, and that's how I was introduced to Windows XP, which I still use to this day. In 2003, I received my first Windows laptop, an HP Pavilion ZE5385US.
The rest is history. For the record, I still maintain that my Lenovo
X61 is the best computer that I own, other than my new desktop. I'm still an IBM lover at heart and am not afraid to admit it! *smile*

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Dash, I have no plans to play ball with anything Apple! I like being
able to get into the innards of my toys to see what I can break and or
fix! I don't believe I'll have such luck with anything Apple.
Besides, I have elected to watch my Windows computers DIE NATURALLY;
they won't ever be resuscitated! Android will, over time, become the
only OS with which I shall play ball and I'll be able to use both
touchscreen and keyboards. I also have great rapport with app developers in Android land.

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