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Hi Olusegun,
Thank you thank you for this! I was searching and searching the internet for this H2O wireless plan, but all I came up with was ATT's plans.
I am definitely going to check this out possibly at Best Buy, This sounds like a great deal right up my alley! LOL! !
Do you use this service? Do you know anyone else who might be using this phone plan?


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Sis Janet asked:

"What is the H20 wireless?"

Hmm, that ought to be H2O, the letter "O" as in oscar! H2O Wireless Now is an MVNO that resells AT&T services for a lot less than AT&T would charge.
Example, it has a $40 plan that gives 8GB of data; if you do AutoPay, that price drops to $36!! If sales tax isn't a friendly fiend, H2O WirelessNow will be a good bet because it doesn't charge one. Please read more about its service offerings here:

If you happen to make calls across many ponds, H2O WirelessNow will give you
$20 free on their $40 plan for such calls at no extra charge. All SMS are free, MMS ones aren't left out either. I believe you can grab their SIM card from 7 11, possibly Walmart, but most certainly at their website and, oh, don't forget to check out Bestbuy!

Ok sis, if you do get their plan, call me in Paris, I'll be standing next to the Eifel Tower!! Hmm, I'm a slow walking snail, I won't get there until about the end of April, but I am heading in that direction soonest! have lots of fun and I trust this has been a bit helpful.

Denver, Colorado

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