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Hi Olusegun,
This sounds great! I also make calls to Ireland, and this can be helpful for me. I will definitely be looking in to this. Thank you again! Smile!

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Sis Janet asked:

"Do you use this service? Do you know anyone else who might be using this phone plan?"

Yes ma'am! I do use the service and phone plan! I have to sometimes make calls across many ponds--say to London, England. I get close to 14 hours worth of calls to a land line for the $20 free international calls on the
$40 plan. I'm considering adding an International student I mentor to my plan thereby creating the equivalent of a family plan so I can still get the 10% discount for both of us. It's so great mentoring International students; many of them are scared, but they do roll up their sleeves and are always on the Dean's list.

Denver, Colorado

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