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Ileni wrote in part:

"Please, can you tell me more about thermographic printing?"

Oh dear sister, I didn't create my own letterhead. Why? There's a company
logo and the name of the company is "wrapped" in it. I'll need ten living
pairs of eyes to get that done correctly! A graphic artist did the design
for me, I took it to a print shop and simply told them I needed
thermographic printing for the letterhead. It was pricey, but my choices
were few.

The term refers to RAISED-LINE PRINTING; if you've ever felt car license
plates, that's what thermographic printing looks like. Because this one is
on paper, reading each letter is a bit challenging for me. However, I can
almost read car license plates and I shock several folks around me when I
tell them their car license plate numbers. On cars, one can easily feel the
separation of the various letters. The surface area of the metal has enough
room to permit the letters to be separated instead of being run together.
Can I possibly make a humble request? Could you please play with a car's
license plate when you have a brief minute? It's the only way I think
you'll make sense of what I'm trying to explain. See why I won't make a
good teacher?

Here's how the dictionary defines it:

a printing technique in which a wet ink image is fused by heat or infrared
radiation with a resinous powder to produce a raised image

Again not so sure I did a good job of explaining, but I think you get the

Denver, Colorado

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