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Angelo Sonnesso

You can also invest in a UBI key.

If you have a smart phone you can install a Google verification app.


73 N2DYN Angelo


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Unfortunately the security questions will not work anymore. While I was poking around in the security check section I came across my old questions and gmail/google stated they don't use those questions anymore. You must have either a phone number or an different email for that now.


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Yes, and if you haven’t set an alternate email address to have a password reset code sent to you, you can reset it by answering a series of security questions you would’ve been asked when you set up the account. If you don’t recall those answers, you might be out of luck.


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If you don't keep a record of your passwords, you will have this problem repeatedly.  I assume you can go to the login section of the web site and there will be a forgot password link.  This is standard on login pages. 



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Hi all,

Can somebody tell me how to either recover or change the password I use to get into my gmail account?

I have my gmail account plugged into OE for windows 7, and when I open OE it asks me for my password and apparently the password I'm entering isn't the right one.

Btw gmail is working on my iPhone, so I obviously entered the correct password when I set it up but that would've been a while back, when I had my cable service including e-mail disabled for a time as I mentioned in another message.



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