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Thanks for explaining.  But I meant do DVDS that are not from that set play?  Do other DVDS that played in the past play?  We still don't know whether there is something about that one set that is causing problems or whether the problem is a general one.  When you trouble shoot a problem, you shouldn't confine yourself to one package, such as in this case.  We don't know anything about that one set.  Was it produced properly?  You have to try things that present different possible conditions and that have worked in the past if you can do so.  If you have other DVDs, you need to test one or two of those.  If you don't, then it might be much more inconvenient to do such a test.  We don't know anything about the DVDS you are testing.  How do we know they were produced properly?

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Hi Gene,

I feel that I owe you an apology because recently when I was asking about my cd/dvd drive you were giving me suggestions and to you it probably looked like I was ignoring you.  That wasn't the case though, the only way that I've been able to do e-mail over the past few months is on my iPhone, and occasionally when I'm trying to send messages to the trash I hit the junk button instead and send then to the junk folder.  I apparently had inadvertently done that to one of your messages some time before the cd/dvd thread, and of course once one message from a certain person is sent to the junk folder none of that person's messages go to the inbox until I tell the mail program that that person's messages aren't junk, and I didn't realize my mistake until this morning.

Just as an aside, I tried 2 of the dvd's in that set and they both did the sane thing, but a regular cd did play in the drive.


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