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Hi General Olusegun,
Thank you very much for this!  I'll definitely look into it!

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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Lt. Gen. Mike B, I strongly recommend the Logitech MK270.  It will typically
come with a mouse; as such, itt's a wireless keyboard and mouse combo.  It
satisfies the requirements you listed; uses two AAA batteries.  It also has
eight media keys above the F1-F12 keys.  It comes with a nano-USB plug, just
plug it in and forget it!  It is NOT bluetooth, works with Windows and, if
one uses an OTG cable, it can be used as a keyboard with a smartphone.  In
fact, I do this time and time again. 

About five years ago, my restless legs wandered into Microcenter; I found
about six of this keyboard on their shelf.  I stole three at $19.99 each.  I
use one at my home office, one at my store, and the third one is a backup.
I have not had to change the batteries since I grabbed this keyboard; in
fact, I am typing this message on it!  If you were next door to me, I'll
bring the backup over for you to play with before making a purchase.  But
you're too busy holding down the fort at your garrison, and I am too lazy to
move your tent!!

Anyway, I don't believe you'll regret grabbing the Logitech MK270; me thinks
you may be able to find it on Amazon, though I don't know the price at the
time of writing. 

All the best sire, good luck hunting!!

Denver, Colorado  

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