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Allen West

I got to play with the Orcam this past summer. For a totally blind person, pointed at signs and addresses would be if not a challenge, impossible. Reading text with it is amazing. On the 20th, Woodlake technologies will be demonstrating the latest upgrade to the Orcam. I will report to the group if there has been someway to read signs and addresses.


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Yes, from my understanding you need to point at signs, people, traffic signals etc, for it to provide any information. This might prove hit or miss for a totally blind person. I think this is only useful if one has some residual vision left which would make it possible to point at something or someone in the environment.

On 2/15/18, Eleni Vamvakari <> wrote:
I just read an interesting article on the OrCam. It sounds great, but
even if I could afford it, I probably couldn't use it, as I would need
to be able to see at least the first line of text so that I could
point to it and make the device start reading.

On 02/02/2018, Eleni Vamvakari <> wrote:
Has anyone used either the old or the new version of OrCam? If so,
how well does it work? Is it self contained? Can information be
uploaded to a computer or is it only available as you are reading it,
or scanning products or faces? I am providing the link for others
who may be interested.

There was also another product, called Mobil-Eyes, if I remember
correctly. I can't find information on it now, but I know that it
came in both a basic and a deluxe package and involved ocr and other
features in a portable device Has anyone ever used that?


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