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Is there a deadline on the sale prices of the book readers


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There are cheaper alternatives than a Victor Reader Stream such as the below:


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You can simply use one of the several accessible standalone portable
players to accomplish this such as the Victor Reader Stream second
generation which will allow you to record to .wav for any later
editing you may of had in mind.

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Hello list

Usually I record from my hifi radio onto my pc when I am not at home.
Every time I start my pc I have to unplug and replug the line in cable
to be able to record. I tried to solve this problem but without any
success. For quite a while I would not be able to use my right hand
due to an operation and the position of my pc is such that I just can
not succeed to unplug and replug with my left hand.. Now I am looking
for an accessible portable or tabletop device which can record from an
external source. Can someone recommend something?



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