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The password being used is the number on the side of the modem. I thought about changing it, but don't know how to do so.
So any directions you can send would be great


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Hi all,

I don't know about a firewall, but here are a couple of questions to get you going.

1. Do you have a password on your router? If you don't, then make one PDQ.

2. If you have a password, how strong is it? Here are some hints.
Use more then six characters. Make sure you have caps, small letters, numbers and punctuation signs in your password. Do *not* use any words as your password. Do not use any well known numbers like 1776 or 1945 or 1963 or whatever.

3. If you need to generate passwords which you think you won't remember, then get a password program, however, back it up, and not to the cloud, write it down in Braille, back up the computer file on a thumb drive, something away from the computer.

Me, I'd start by changing your router's password. If you think you need a firewall, then enable the one in Windows. If the ISP shows ten things connected to your wireless router, then you do not have a password or you do not have a strong enough one. You need twenty-five lashes with a wet noodle. Your neighbors are taking advantage of you, and you need to send them a clear message that unless they want to pay for your internet access, they aren't getting any from you.

Ann P.

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Hi all,
Today I was frustrated by my sketchy wifi connection. I called my
provider and they told me that there were ten devices using my
connection. We don’t even have ten in the house. So, do I need a
Firewall? I this something that can be done by a blind person? And, if
so, my first importance is effectiveness, and my second is
accessibility. Meaning, I could get some sighted guy to come and do
it, if necessary.
Thanks for any ideas/information,
Ann K. Parsons
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