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Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

Excellent, glad that it at least started working when you changed versions. Silly thunderbird.
As I mentioned before, when it decides to work, it's wonderful, but this problem was especially frustrating to figure out when I came across it too. haha
Take care.

On 2/18/2018 4:23 PM, Missa wrote:
I checked cookies and I even went in and edited my gmail to allow less
secure apps.... I did everything but see what version I was using,
I updated to version 52 and was able to log in.

Thanks for the suggestions
On 2/17/18, Jeremy <> wrote:
Howdy, :)
Not sure how much this might help, some of the reasons why that next
button quits working there in that browser-looking area can get pretty
complicated, the client isn't able to correctly authenticate with gmail,
but I'd start with making sure that any setting inside tbird that might
cause issues with keeping track of google's preferences and such are set
to their default, so cookies. I'm not saying that this is what's causing
it, but apparently googles a bit weird in how they do their
authentication and I've had similar issues in tbird before. When it
happened to me, it was difficult to get any sort of an error to assist
me in understanding what might be happening, so I had to read up on
google to try to fix it. I might also suggest trying to configure that
same account on a portable version of the client, either that or perhaps
a slightly older version, if you can locate one. Normally for me tbird
works absolutely beautiful, but when it decides to stop playing nicely,
it can be a real pickle to figure out why. lol
Take care.
On 2/17/2018 5:16 PM, Missa wrote:
The program was installed correctly. I double checked that all the
information was entered in. I even had a sighted person go over it
from scratch. This is the wizard for adding an existing account.
Everything works fine until it gets to the point where you verify
stuff with google. It opens up a serperate window for this--there is
nothing to add but the email address. It won't open that window if I
don't put in the correct information in the main thunderbird/add
account wizard.
It is when it gets to the gmail window it won't let me go any further.
On 2/17/18, Gene <> wrote:
If it won't show a next button, it's because you left something out in
current part of the dialog you are working with. this is common in
like this. If you install a program and don't accept the license, you
see a next button. I don't know what you are leaving out and, though I
something about thunderbird, I very seldom use or look at it and I don't
remember what you are asked for in the different dialogs.

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From: Missa
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Subject: [TechTalk] adding a gmail account to thunderbird

I'm having trouble adding an existing gmail account to thunderbird. I
remember having this problem with my old computer, but I only use it
for one thing and not often so I forgot what I did to get past this.
This is a newer computer with the latest build of windows 10 1709.
I've tried NVDA, JAWS,Narrator, and having someone sighted enter it in
for me. Each time I go through the add account part, enter in login
info and then it pops open a window to gmail. In that window it asks
for my email, if I forgot my email, if I want to create a new account,
and a next button. No matter what I do it won't go past the next
button. It won't register at all. I'm thinking I missed a step or
Is it the version of thunderbird? I was using 38 and I have 31 if that
would make a difference.
Should I change my password? My password manager is up to date and I
check my email fine with a browser and with my phone. I don't have two
factor turned on.

I would appreciate any help--thanks

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