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Dennis L <dennisl1982@...>

between voipo and viatalk which do you like better?

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Accessibility is one reason I would go for a third party Voip service.  Both Viatalk and VOIPo are completely accessible using a screen reader and they are reasonable in price.  I can set up any of the features, call logs, block callers, custom caller id, anything I want with no sighted assistance.

I'm sure there are other accessible solutions but the two above are ones I have personally used.

Another reason, if I change internet providers, or move to another state, I just unplug the voip box, take it with me and plug it into the router with the new service/home.

No need to port numbers from one service to another.

I have one of those "bundles" through Verizon and had to unplug the phone from the Verizon phone line as it was getting spammed.  For all I know spammers are probably still trying to call that number as I don't use it.  I changed the number I then ported a number from Phone Power that never received a spam call.  Once I ported it into the Verizon service, the spam calls started again.  That is when I unplugged the phone.

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Yes, that states, perhaps more clearly, what I was trying to say.  All fiber optic systems and cable systems use VOIP Voice over Internet protocol for phone service as do Magic Jack and other third party services.  So if you are going to use VOIP anyway, why not use the service, which may be provided free in a bundle by your general provider than use a third party service that is still VOIP and that you'll pay something extra for?  Without having investigated the question, I can only say that that is the way the matter appears to me on very little looking around.  It may be that on further investigation, there may be reasons to use third party services but for typical phone users who want to use their phone as they use their traditional copper wire land line, I doubt there is any reason to use a third party service.
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There are two uses of voip at issue here.  Many cable ccompanies tie your phone system into a voip system att the point your phone wireing
enters their system.  In reality both internet and phone service use the same point to point connections of the provider.

Wit the voip system being discussed one drops what is called landline service and adds a small device which ties the phone to the internet
service; your device in practice replaces theirs.

On Sun, 18 Feb 2018, Gene wrote:

Are you saying that the cable company will charge 45 dollars a month or are you saying you want to stay with the copper wire system and pay the phone company that ridiculous price?  The cable company's phone service is VOIP.  You are evidently considering other VOIP services as well.  I know nothing about how they compare in price and quality.  but, unless you are in an area that is prone to natural disasters of some sort, I see no reason to keep the old copper wire system.  Even in such an area, I question the need, though its something to consider.

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From: Ann Parsons
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Hi all,

As you know, I am thinking of moving to cable for my internet because
my speed here is so slow.  My friend suggested VOIP for $149.00 per
year instead of $45.00 a month for the phone, but I'm not sure I want that.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Ann P.


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