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Ann just posted the list rules on BlindX and it contained this excerpt...

      If you are interested in subscribing to blind-x, send a message
to and leave the subject line blank.  In the
body of your email message,
simply type the following.

subscribe blind-x firstname lastname

Of course you use your real first and last names in the
above example.  Note:  you should use your real first name and your
real last name.  If you like you may use your first name and a last
initial, but you must have two "words" in the command, otherwise,
listserv burps.  There may be rare times when you wish to subscribe
anonymously.  You can not do this on
your own because the moment we see "anonymous subscriber" "dragon
flight" "cute girl" or something like that, you'll get an email from
us asking for a real name.  If you have a valid reason for requesting
an anonymous login, tell us and we'll discuss it.


On 2/21/18, Carolyn Arnold <> wrote:
I just got two more rejections back from the server, when
trying to submit to Blind-X. Do I have the wrong

That is what I put in the address line.

Hope your day is a diamond,


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Hi all,

To subscribe to blind-x, send an msg to:

In body of message write: subscribe blind-x firstname

Obviously, you put your real firstname and lastname. You
can use firstname and last initial, but there needs to be
two items written.
If I find that Cute Girl or Roaring Lion or Dragon princess
or something similar has requested to sign up, you'll get a
message from me asking why an alias is necessary. Sometimes
we do accept aliases.
If you're a minor and you want to protect yourself, if
you're really famous, you may want to sign on with an alias.
I think Judy Human was a member of blind-x for a while in
the late nineties. She asked to participate under an
alias.. All legitimate reasons will be heard and assessed.

What happens when you request membership is that I will send
you the list rules and standards. Please read them, and
reply to my personal msg telling me you've read them, then
you will be subscribed.

Ann P.

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