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I'm very doubtful that Microsoft Accessibility will help since Outlook isn't supported any longer.  Maybe it's finally time to stop using this very old program.  Have you tested to see if you can log in using other e-mail programs?  At this point, you haven't established whether the problem is with just that e-mail program or a general one.  Also, some e-mail programs offer more than one selection for security settings.  I don't think Outlook Express does.  Are you supposed to use such a setting, I believe SSL, also refered to TLS may be one choice or something like startls is the other choice?  Or are you supposed to use neither?  This may be a question of the security being available in Outlook Express being incompatible. 
You can try OE Classic, which I haven't tried and no nothing about from a user standpoint, or you can try one of the versions of Windows Live mail.  If you want a program that is the most similar to Outlook Express, those are two options. 

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Hello all,

I’ve just been on the phone with Spectrum trying to set up my road runner address in the free version of OE 6 for windows 7, and I was putting all of the settings in correctly but when I’d try to check mail I was getting an error saying that my password was rejected.

The agent I was speaking to said that since all of the settings are correct that I shouldn’t be having this problem and she suggested calling Microsoft to see if they can do some trouble shooting, but before calling Microsoft accessibility I wanted to ask here and see if there’s any settings in OE that might be causing the password to be rejected.  I have recently tried reinstalling OE, both by reinstalling over the top of what I already had installed and doing a fresh install, and I remember at least one checkbox that I wasn’t sure if it should be checked or unchecked although I don’t remember what that was now.

Thanks for any suggestions.  Btw I know my password is correct because I have the account plugged into OE classic and it’s working, I just prefer OE 6 if I can get that working again.


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