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Kay Malmquist

I currently have 87 different folders in OE and God knows how many messages save.  Several thousand for sure.  All is well and I for one don't plan on giving this program up any time soon.  Might be old, but sure is good.  Lets hear it for archaic.
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If you save large amounts of messages in Outlook Express, corruption may result.  and, as I discuss later, corruption may result in this version of Outlook Express when you compact folders, at least based on the very little I've read about this, especially when there are a lot of messages in folders. 
That's one reason to stop using this archaic program.  It is more subject to corruption of message folders than other e-mail programs are.  If you don't want to loose messages, save them outside of the program.
You don't compact folders just because you place messages in them.  Compacting folders is done over time as you move and delete messages.  In Outlook Express, when you delete a message, it is still there, but the program doesn't have access to it.  Compacting removes the messages and makes the folders smaller.  It also moves information around so it isn't fragmented, thus saving disk space.  And when     you compact folders, especially, from the little I've read about this, using the Windows 7 and higher compatible version of Outlook Express, that may corrupt folders and it is more likely to happen with this version than with the old XP and lower version from Microsoft.  If you have no specific reason to use this program, using something else is a better option.  Why do you want to use it?
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Ctrl-d didn’t work either.

The folders may need to be compacted because I downloaded 5 months worth of messages about 2 weeks ago, but unless there’s more than one place to compact folders I did that and I still can’t delete messages.


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It should work,  another way is to use control D.
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Hi all,

Okay the password problem was solved by reinstalling and checking that box, but now strangely enough when I hit delete when highlighted on a message nothing happens.  Of course that should send that message to my deleted items folder but it doesn’t.  Any ideas?  Btw this on my laptop using a USB keyboard that’s plugged into it, and this is the only thing that doesn’t work with this setup.


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